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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it's me!!

Man, I’ve been away a long time! Not saving the world or even touring it or anything. Just been busy with the same old, same old.

Mostly I’d blame my absence on work which has been a complete bitch. Then there was that one month of football! How a complete non sportsperson like me (I can’t even play carom) got sucked into watching and following and betting on football matches that went late into the night is inexplicable. But it happened and it was fun and we drank a lot and I wish England had at least made it to the finals but Hurray for Italy anyway!

I’ve also, ahem, joined an aerobics class in an effort to become healthier. It’s actually kind of fun because of course our batch has got an instructor who’s a complete character! See, he thinks he’s Britney Spears. I swear, while the rest of us are huffing and puffing over lunges or stomach crunches or some other torturous work out, our instructor, his name is Chris, starts doing actual Britney Spears dance steps. He looks into the mirror, squints his eyes, pouts his lips and starts dancing. And the other day “Just Chill” from that Salman Khan movie was playing and Chris started dancing like Katrina Kaif! Complete with the head tilt and pouty smile. It’s bizarre!

Besides, it’s an aerobics class and if Chris wasn’t such a cartoon I’d still be laughing right through. All I have to do is look at the mirror and see myself working out and I burst into peals of laughter. A less graceless, unfit and gangly person than me does not exist! After seeing myself do dance-aerobics in a bloody room covered in mirrors, I’ve vowed never to dance in public again. I look like an orangutan.
And yesterday we had kick-boxing. Ha ha ha ha ha! I swear if I’m ever attacked by mugger, all I’ll need to do is get into my kick-boxing stance and the poor bugger will just die laughing. Self defence, that’s right!

So yeah, all in all, it’s been busy. But I’d neglected my sweet blog for too long and now I’m back and it won’t happen again. Thanks Grey Shades, Cyber Swami, Lemontree and MyPublicist for asking where I was. That was a real kick!

So see you'll soon!

Much love and kisses,
That Girl.

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at 2:12 pm Blogger Vijayeta said...

Wow! Kickboxing and aerobics! And a trainer you can laugh at...what more do u want? I'm still trying to imagine a trainer type guy dancing and pouting like Katrina Kaif. Is there any way you can sneakily click a picture of him in action and post it here?
Please, please :D

at 4:53 pm Blogger verbaltorture said...

OMG ! A gay instructor is the best you can get!
We once went scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef and were on the lookout for instructors to go with (and no, tht had nothing to do wtih the fact that I could not swim an inch even if my life depended on it). Incidentally we found this tour group full of gay instructors...and the rest is history.

Ah! nostalgia !

Back to the point - gay is the way to go - atleast in terms of aerobic-ing. All well-built and super-healthy and not interested in anything beyond gymming. It's a dream come true.

A pic wud be neat, though!

at 12:12 am Blogger goldennib said...

You should post a video. Glad you're back.

at 8:48 am Blogger shub said...

hehe my salsa instructor was gay (OR so I think) and he had more grace than then entire class of 12 girls put togehter! man he was awesome!!!

at 9:10 am Blogger Jenn said...

Hilarious! See, this is why I stick to the machines, or stuff I can do myself without like 20 other people noting the clown in their midst.

Glad you're back.

at 11:06 am Blogger lemontree said...

hey pink
aerobics it is! feel like quitting my gym, and dancing away the fat instead...hehe
btw love the title. and glad you wrote again.

at 2:43 pm Blogger Arunima said...

while you were away, i updated my blog with boring posts.

welcome back!!

at 1:04 pm Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yipe!!! you're back and thank you for telling me how to access your blog...this is soo cool!!!!!!!!!!

Hate the GoI for doing this to the blog world at large...I tell u, we'll soon turn into Taliban.

Back to your blog - You've joined aerobics??? *gasp* Wow, now it really is time for me to do something abt my ever expanding waist line (and thighs and cheek and just about every part of my anatomy). After all, I can't be surrounded by slender beauties in Dec, can I ; )

Keep posting!


at 9:07 pm Blogger Essar said...

heyy! So nice to see you back - actually I am surprised to ANY blog updated now with the bloody govt blocking blogspot.

Lol@ that description of you dancing like an orangutan - if you makes yu feel any better, i dance like govinda!

at 9:23 pm Blogger Vijayeta said...

Congratulations! You've been tagged!

at 12:35 pm Blogger Grey Shades said...

Self Defense? LOL! I loved the way you wrote that. Nice to see you back Pink. There used to be this time when I used to go for professional dancing lessons and my instructor there was anything but funny! He was worse than a military CO! But I kinda started seeing his point once we started dancing. We'd move like we had legs made of cotton! Groan... that was good!

at 1:13 pm Blogger Cyberswami said...

i wonder if said dance instructor might not have a blog where he is equally fondly critical of his odd-shaped and out-of-shape pupils...

welcome back.

at 9:48 pm Blogger that girl in pink said...

hey vij : i am definitely gonna try and take a pic of him the first opportunity i get. to help you picture him better, here's a more detailed description: he's about 5'2", dark, thin, has a goatee and braces!
p.s. gonna start on that tag very soon!

HiVT! Not sure if he's gay although i do feel terribly comfortable and unself-conscious around now that you mention it, i should ask him if he has a girlfriend.
only, what if he isn't gay and thinks i'm hitting on him...

hey vanessa, how you doing? i've been visting your blogs (all 3 of them) but only fleetingly. have just not had the time to spend some quality time in the blogosphere. thanks for the warm welcome back. see you more often!

shub: it's just not fair, is all i can say! and i used to think i could dance. was i wrong or what!?

hi there jenn:thank you! the good news in my aerobics class is that while i am no doubt the klutziest, the others aren't nimble nymphets either!

lemon: i'm telling you! this is the most fun exercise i've ever done. (as long as i'm not looking at the mirror of course) now i hope it shows some results!


SR:yes darling, i'm now an aerobics girl!
and this blog blocking thing is the most bizarre, most fruitless exercise ever! i mean how exactly is my writing about my weight related problems threatening national security? if anything, knowing they have a heavyweight punju who can kick-box should make the government feel safer.

essar:ha ha! funny you should mention govinda. apparently the only exercise i'm good at is pelvic thrusts! ahem... i guess you and i really do have a lot on common, eh?

wow grey shades, professional dancing lessons! you sure have some colourful strokes hidden between all those shades of grey! what kind did you learn?

cyberswami: well, let me just update you by saying that i am fast becoming his favourite student! :)
yesterday he told me i'm looking trimmer and you know what, i really feel like my finger rings are becoming a little loser.

at 9:34 am Blogger Cyberswami said...

heh, and you might have to soon go shopping for new, smaller, toe socks.

but hey, that's more exercise than i can claim to be doing myself. all those days of jogging are most definitely over.

at 11:56 am Anonymous Anonymous said...

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at 12:04 pm Blogger Grey Shades said...

Actually those were to help me get over another dark and ugly shade of grey! Was learning Salsa and Jive. Sigh! those were the good days... and trust me I never thought I'd be dancing, much less take lessons. But i really got hooked to it. It kinda set me free from within if you know what i'm saying!

at 10:25 pm Blogger Nautilus said...

Hey Pink welcome back. I thought you might have OD'ed on Himesh Reshammiya songs and gone into a coma or something! But good to know you are hale and hearty and taking care of yourself under the watchful guidence of a Britney Spears wannabe. Boy, what I wouldn't do to see a video of that one! Vouyeristic pleasures you see :-)

at 11:23 am Blogger Achtlandia said...

welcome back pink! you wont believe it...but my life took the exact same course as urs! stopped writing in june, joined a gym and came back in july! next post abt how fitness efforts can strengthen/weaken urge to blog...

at 5:53 am Blogger the wannabe indian punkster said...

yay!Youre back!
I second vij! Can we please see a picture of your aerobics instructor in action,pretty please :)

at 3:05 pm Blogger Lady Writer said...

Aerobics??? I would give an arm and a leg to be a fly on the wall :) Let's do lunch quick, this deserves a detailed description in person!

at 7:05 pm Blogger Pinkbury said...

welcome back!!
Tell me how the aerobics worked out coz i dread my gym every morn & would love a refreshing change.

at 8:50 pm Blogger P.W.F said...

Hmmm... your dance instructor sounds a lot like my org behaviour prof..neways, good to have u back

at 9:03 pm Blogger Aqua said...

yay...the blog ban is over and y're also back...(not that i'm very regular with posts meself)

and kickboxing and aerobics??/ wow...y're trying for a six pac? :)

at 10:31 am Anonymous Anonymous said...

'allo! Since the horrid boss is outta town today you gotta post something new today. Please!


at 2:59 pm Blogger Harjee Kapur said...

welcome back..

at 7:52 am Anonymous Anonymous said...

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