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Monday, April 09, 2007

A gloomier shade of blue

You know it's been too long since you wrote when the blogger homepage has changed and accessing your own blog takes you a few minutes.

But what do you do when you haven't had one original or interesting thought in four months? It's not like there isn't enough happening in the world to write about. Since the last time I wrote seasons have changed, AB and AR have found love, the Indian cricket team has gone and returned from the Caribbean, the aliens landed and forgot Sanjaya Malakar behind, Anjelina Jolie has adopted her 34th child and I've changed my brand of moisturiser. So much fodder and not a single remark comes out of me. Can you imagine the agony?

I may as well accept it at then. At the not-quite-tender age of 28 my brain has completely dried up.

Tis most depressing.

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at 7:23 AM Blogger Fleiger said...

Oh, "drying up brains" is a new way to call "Writer's block"...

Don't worry, when there are so many things to write about, the brain sends in SOS....

at 12:07 PM Blogger Vijayeta said...

I understand your anguish perfectly. We are kindred souls! I ignored my blog for almost as long, simply because there was nothing to write about. And we are too cool to be posting just for the heck of it, right?

P.S. Out of sheer curiosity and an incurable skincare products addiction, please tell me which moisturiser have you switched to now? :P

at 5:37 PM Blogger lemontree said...

hey pink
and believe it or not you have added an entry to your blog!
and like always it did make me smile more than once
please write more often

at 5:41 PM Blogger lemontree said...

oh also another girl who wants world peace has been crowned Miss India


at 5:51 PM Anonymous cloud9 said...

u wrote and it made all the differece child. The drying up of the brains can sure be perked up wth a right brand of moisturiser:p and i m sure u ll do that more ofen!

at 9:28 PM Blogger that girl in pink said...

fleiger: a writer's block that lasts 4 months??! and thanks for dropping by. its nice to know at least someone still reads this arid blog.

vij: true! we're too cool to do the banal "i tried a new cereal this morning and then walked to work" crap! only pearls come out of our keyboards! LOL

p.s. shifted from kaya's SPF moisturiser (cuz the sun is your greatest enemy) to bodyshop's vitamin E moisturiser (cuz we must be kind to animals). skin is the same old!

thank you lemon darling! by the way, what's this new system of 3 miss indias??! and is it just me or is that sarah jane chick kinda ugly?

he! never thought of it that way. :) thanks for dropping by cloud9.

at 4:47 PM Blogger Quicksilver! said...

A new post! A new post!
*rubs her eyes in disbelief. Logs out and logs in again….and is pleasantly shocked to ACTUALLY see a new post*
Thanks, Pink ;)))

lol@ the aliens landed and left Sanjaya Malakar behind ;)

at 4:36 PM Blogger shruti said...

hey dont feel down ..can happens to anyone ..especially happens when your very busy ..many times thoughts come at a time when u cant jot them down and then you can never recall them later ...and we feel we are unable to write ..cheer up !!

at 12:50 PM Blogger freespirit said...

My reaction is pretty much like Quicksilver's. * Rubs eyes in disbelief and thanks the Lord for the miracle * Missed you Pink!

at 1:30 PM Blogger Reeta Skeeter said...

Get a life! B happy! Wear Pink! Turn ur blog Pink and keep posting! Happy Blogging! Nice blog btw :D Cheers!

at 6:18 AM Blogger Fleiger said...

Don't worry... It happens. Now kick-start a new blog-life ;)

at 11:58 AM Blogger Kusum Rohra said...

Today when bloglines tells me you are back in action me jumped with joy :D

I always knew that Sanjaya was some alien :)

Please continue blogging, you are one of the rare species of bloggers who still can make people grin widely :)

at 7:09 PM Blogger Arunima said...

mine too. :-(

at 2:02 AM Blogger If I tell ya, I'll have to kill ya said...

eh i went thru it for 6 months love. i just started blogging again 2 weeks back. but i loved ur lil message for max the pig. do u think george will marry now?

shudder shudder


at 9:35 AM Blogger Essar said...

hey! i get the same feeling about mine too. just no opinion on anything man - what has happened????????? But anyway, good to see you back :)

at 2:07 PM Blogger Sparsh said...

Nice to see you back.
The world still looks pink through your blue glasses:)

at 12:22 PM Blogger Sue said...

You'll be happy to hear that they've come back to pick him up, and to that end, have brainwashed the US (again!) to actually vote him out.

How could they? He was almost learning to sing, too. Oh wait, he wasn't!

at 9:40 PM Blogger Jenn said...

Glad you're back.

Even if it's just a post about not having anything to write about.

"I have no hatred in me. I am almost sure of that."

Dramatic irony?

at 1:04 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

The aliens left Sanjaya Malakar behind...and now Britney Spears has adopted him! Ram banaye jodi!!

Welcome back!

at 6:32 PM Blogger that girl in pink said...

quicksilver : your message made my day! :)

shruti: thanks! am feeling better already, evident by my new post.

freespirit: :D and you just made my week! thanks for the sweet messages you guys.

reeta: interesting name. :) you're a harry potter fan like me!

fleiger: i did!!

hey kusum! as you can see, flattery works!!

arunima: i guess it happens to the best of us. LOL

at 4:24 PM Blogger Achtlandia said...

peeeeeeeenk! i linked this post to one of mine (big breakthru considering i know squat abt linking). drop in sometime...

at 3:21 PM Blogger Grey Shades said...

LOLLLLL!!!! Well it did make us laugh so not so depressing anymore! Good to see you back lady!


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