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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Breaking News

I hate my job. Ok, its about as much breaking news as someone smoking 4 packs a day being diagnosed with lung cancer but, you know, it still comes as a surprise once the diagnosis is out. It's been brewing for a while now and it's oddly freeing now that it's out. You got cancer with all that cigarette smoking, so what's the first thing you should do? Quit! And that's excatly what I'm going to do. Quit this dump with all it's carcinogenic influences, AKA my colleagues. They all suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah yeah, I've had moments of "when the world seems wrong maybe you should question yourself and see if you're wrong." I questioned myself and the answer was a resounding, "You rock, they suck!"
Gotta listen to my inner voice. Not to mention that gnawing at my soul and that sinking of my heart.
Very soon, I'm getting out of here. Yoo hoo!!! I hate my job!!

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Analysing serious diseases

Alright class, today's topic of discussion is a common yet deadly disorder afflicting humankind since 1867. Well, we're not sure of the exact date but that's not what's important. What's important is that this disease has been creating havoc in people's lives for way too long and I suspect not enough research is going into finding a cure. Ok, I admit AIDS and cancer research might be a trifle more important but it would be wrong of us to belittle this dangerous disease. It can strike anytime, can be potentially fatal (I'm telling you its serious!) and most important of all, I seem to have a chronic case of it. The foot-in-the-mouth disease.

Why? Why why why? Why is it always the good people of the world who have the worst fate? I mean no one any harm. When I open my mouth the best I hope for is for something smart and witty and kind to come out. And at worst something marginally dull that my hapless listener can ignore. How is it then that my brain manages to string a bunch of words in the worst possible way to convey a meaning that would hurt, offend or really bloody piss off the person I'm talking to?

I'm just a normal person with an average IQ (well actually I'm near genius if tickle IQ quizzes were to be believed but that's a whole other blog) who's actually in the business of writing for a living. Give me a word file with built in spell check, and something to write about and I'm OK. I may not be winning a booker anytime soon but then neither am I incurring the lifetime wrath of some poor sucker who happened to read my crap. Why then can't I maintain the same level of not-pissing-people off when I'm talking to them?

One of the most serious symptons of the dreaded foot-in-the-mouth is that it chooses it's victims. So i'm talking to the skinny chick with the awesome skin and cutting sense of humour and only the most doltish things come out of my mouth. Put me with my boss who's going to one day do my appraisal and decide my raise and things like, "I was wondering how someone with a BMW could know you" come out.

The funny thing is that while these deadly words are pouring out of my mouth a part of my brain is screaming for me to STOP! Don't speak any more! Put your cell phone in your mouth or eat your shoe or just do anything that'll get you to stop talking. But no, oh no. People with foot-in-the-mouth disease do not listen to good advice. Yet another symptom of this cruel sickness.

So anyway, having suffered from this serious serious disorder and having been completely unable to find any medication that helps I've decided to give 'not talking' a try. That's right. The next time you go out and see a girl sitting absolutely quiet and opening her mouth only to put booze or food into it you'll know it's me. Hey, there are other ways of communicating. Technology has given SMS and blogging. And i'm sure you can't screw up too much with sign language. So until those folks at all those fancy research centres give this disease its due importance and come up with a solid cure I am keeping my trap shut. And that means Mr. Blog, you will be seeing a lot more of me. And I know I can't tick you off. Cuz in the exciting world of blogging, there's always backspace and delete.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Dear Blog

As luck would have it, I've been terribly busy at work ever since I started you, mr. blog. There's been no time for anything! I have no thoughts to think of and none to write. The only thing on my mind is the damn pitch we're working on and how to get another job so I can get out of this place I fondly call hell.

Just realised...this is a pubic to viewing...what if my boss sees it? Oh well, to hell with him. I hope he reads this and realises what an ass he is! Maybe this particular piece won't enlighten him but my future pieces will. Oh yes!! Boss thrashing and agency bitching is giong to be a hot topic here. He he he (evil laugh)

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Monday, August 22, 2005


So that's how a blog functions. This should be interesting. Thanks Shef, for getting me started.
And now the coconut has been broken, the ribbon has been cut and I'm good to go! Blog world, here i come!!

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