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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sat, Sept 26 2009...

...did not go as planned.

Nope, the model week is off to a very bad start indeed. Fortunately for me, old Willy wrote a play called "Alls well that ends well". And there's no caveat about starting off on a good note for the mission to be a success. So troops, even though we've lost our first battle, spirits are still high and victory shall ultimately be ours!

Battle cry!!!!

(That there was a little online pep talk I just gave myself. Moving on.)

I sort of stuck to point 1. Much against my wishes, some delicious red wine (Merlot, it was really good!) sneaked its way into my hand and into my mouth. :(
Sunday shall be wine free!!!

Points 2, 3, 4 and 6 were not even attempted. Bad show Pink! At least, think about those wrinkles.

On a positive note, I did very well indeed on point 5. That reminds me, I better go get a couple of Archies today. The market's closed tomorrow.

Point 7 is a bit of a grey area. Let's just say I did not make life miserable for my poor husband in my usual manner (it's amazing how I simply cannot refer to poor him without affixing 'poor' in front of his name).

Point 8 required me to wake up in the AM. Having gotten up at 11.30 am, I would say that was a success.

And finally I think I did rather well on points 9 and 10. Not only did I not crib about the weather, I also took my dog for a long walk in the park. He loves going there, but is a total nightmare in the car and it takes immense personal and physical strength to get through the 10 minute car ride to and fro. And you need to be VERY OK with being covered with doggie drool.

However, just seeing him so thrilled is worth it.

It was very hard to get a still picture of the nut case. And in the one or two I did manage to capture, notice how his tail is never still. He really loves going to the park. :)

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at 2:42 AM Anonymous Anonymous said...

u're right! i can't see much of his tail! the first pic looks very the kind u would see in photo mags.. ;-)


at 7:07 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this while I thought he was a spaniel!!

Mrs. P.

at 1:49 PM Anonymous said...

Very nice dog

at 1:49 PM Anonymous said...

awesome blog

at 9:49 PM Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice pet u have...


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