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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday Afternoon Ennui

Ladies and Gentlemen, the truth is finally out.

If like me, you have spent many moments cringing upon hearing Himesh Reshamiyya’s angst ridden voice, this piece of information will, well it won’t reduce the cringing, but it might help you understand the root of all the madness.

Everyone agrees that Reshamiyya’s hair-raising, vomit-inducing, pull-music-system-out-of-socket-and-put-your-own-finger- there-instead causing guttural sound cannot be human. I was one of the many who spent hours plotting and planning on a slow and painful death for the bearded beast. I knew things had reached a head when I overheard a lady tell her infant, “Soja beta, nahi to Hinesh Reshamiyya aa jayega.”

That was until I heard a song of his playing on TV the other day. Suddenly everything was clear and I actually felt a pang of sympathy for the man. The reason for his pain (and ours), is of course steeped in sex. Freud would be so proud of me.

You see, Himesh Reshamiyya has never experienced an orgasm.

How do I know this? He says so in his song. If you’d ever accidentally listened to more than 2 seconds of the song without breaking the source of the music, you’d hear it too. So without further ado, I present to you Exhibit A:

The song: Jhalak Dikhlaja
For my int’l audience (that’s you Vanessa:)): Give me a glance

The lyrics:
Jhalak Dikhlaja,
Jhalak Dikhlaja.
Ek baar aaja,

Give me a glance,
Give me a glance.
Just once please come,
Please come,
Please come,
Please come,
Pleeeeeaaase come.

Need I say more?

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